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and Treasurer

From the time I could walk, I had a love for the ice and the game of hockey. Growing up in Prince George's County, there were not many programs or schools that offered hockey. I was raised by a single mom who could not afford to have me on a hockey team. Despite the obstacles, that did not stop him from perfecting his hockey skills at the local rinks in the DMV area. He graduated from, From The Heart High School located in Camp Springs, Maryland.

After meeting Rahman-Rahim “Coach Rock” Ba’th in 2013 and playing hockey with him, James took part in Coach Rock’s very first Give it a Shot Hockey Clinic hosted at Tucker Road Ice Rink. Where he helped recruit numerous children to introduce them to hockey. As a result, many of the children from the program ended up playing hockey competitively.
James went on to teach skating techniques to 9-10 year olds for a year.

After a year, he left Tucker Road Ice Rink to work at Martha’s Table full time. James goal is to continue making hockey accessible to the youth of Washington DC and give the children opportunities that he didn't have. In 2018 Rahman-Rahim approached James with an idea of starting their own non-profit organization. He then joined forces with Rahman-Rahim, Shemar Barnes, former colleague at Tucker Road Ice Rink, and Evelin Ayala, colleague at Martha’s Table to continue their work.

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