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Founder of Dc Mamba, President & CEO

Teams founded

· Tucker Road Ducks- Fort Washington, MD
· Dc Mamba Hockey- Washington, DC
Teams Coached
· Wells Warriors- College Park, MD
· Tucker rd. Ducks- Fort Washington, MD
· Tri-city Falcons (Goalie Coach)- Laurel, MD
· Eleanor Roosevelt High School (Goalie Coach)- Greenbelt, MD
Born 11/13/1991,a native Washingtonian raised in Sudan. He started his brief 2-year hockey playing career at the age of 10 with Fort DuPont’s “Kids on Ice”, though the league never came calling… He has been able to continue coaching 9+ years, with the goal of making hockey accessible and affordable to children & coaches of all races. He is a level 4 Coach, with USA Hockey.

Rahman-Rahim was offered to be the Head Coach for the Wells Warriors Mites Hockey team, where he coached players ages 6-8 at age 18. A new program that was started 1-year prior by Coach Russell (Rusty) Barrett in College Park, Maryland. There were many harsh challenges from being a new young African American coach in the area, despite the challenges, making hockey for everyone became his true goal.

In 2012-13, during Rahman-Rahim’s last season coaching the Wells Warriors, he was also a Positional Goalie Coach, at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, in Greenbelt, Maryland. He continued coaching goalies with Coach Rusty for the Tri-City Falcons, in Laurel, Maryland. Though after the passing of his mentor & the Facility manager of the Wells Warriors hockey program, Rahman-Rahim left to pursue hockey coaching opportunities in a more diverse community, in Southern Prince George’s County.

When arriving to Tucker Road Ice Rink, there were no free youth programs or home hockey team. Rahman-Rahim started a “Try Hockey for Free Program” with a new group of African American coaches, including 1st time coach Shemar Barnes. The program continued for 2 years, and they were able to generate funds and recruit players to expand. After the 1st year he was able to personally recruit strong board members to form their own parent organization, which proved to hold well for the future tournament, media, and fire. Rahman-Rahim coached competitions for the Ducks, developed and created the program, while training new players for 4 years. During that time, he ensured easy access to hockey for new African American players and coaches.
After management & media success had altered the culture of the program, he resigned keeping the dream of making hockey available to coaches and players of color. Never changing but always growing, the goal is to share the game of hockey with the youth in DC. He joined forces with Shemar Barnes and James Jackson and Co-Founded, Dc Mamba to continue their work.

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